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Serving Broward and South Palm Beach Counties of Florida since 1984, Heller USA has established itself as the "Go To" firm for commercial and industrial real estate in Broward and Southern Palm Beach Counties.

Although these phone interviews may be shorter and seem more informal than the in-person interview, which is considered to be the main event, do not make the mistake of treating them as a warm-up.

I have a solution for you, send an e-mail to this address. give them all the information you can about the kit....you know name of kit....kit number....scale it is in...anything that will help them. the company is based in Canada. let me know ***** you do with this, if not, we'll dig a bit deeper.

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I would be vary greatfull if you would email me a copy of the English version of the instructions.
How much do you want for the model in the box?

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