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8:30PM Mark Donlon is a pianist, composer, conductor and educator with an international reputation for his original, highly acclaimed Jazz, Latin and Contemporary Classical crossover style that is both fluent and inventive. Recent album releases include ‘Southern Shift’, an album of improvised solo piano pieces and ‘Between Moons’, a duo album with New York based, Grammy Award-winning trumpeter Alex Sipiagin. Due for release in 2017 are 'Tales From The Diaspora', a quintet album recorded in New York also featuring Alex along with Award-winning saxophonist Seamus Blake as well as the debut album of his Australasian group "Shadowbird", featuring another award-winning musician, Australian saxophonist Jamie Oehlers. As well as his own projects Mark also includes work with the likes of Roberto Pla, Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker on an impressive cv. Mark is also a highly respected educator, having taught and examined at the likes of Trinity Laban, The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the DIT Conservatoire in Dublin and The Royal Academy of Music as well as holding senior academic positions at Leeds College of Music. He founded the highly successful CUK Big Band in 2004 and was presented with an award for excellence in Jazz Education by the IAJE in Toronto in 2008. He is currently Head of Jazz at the New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University Wellington. Mark, a very old friend of the Club, tells me the music featured tonight will be a mix of original compositions with some jazz standards, featuring in particular material from the CD’s 'Shadowbird' and 'Tales From The Diaspora'. The music, as he describes it "is strongly influenced by the music of Kenny Wheeler and John Taylor but also has a strong Afro-Cuban tinge". His world-class group features two young upcoming UK musicians, saxophonist Matt Anderson and drummer Sam Gardner along with one of the most highly regarded bass players on the UK jazz scene, Steve Watts . A rare opportunity to hear this fine musician with his own band.

Reconsolidation can reinforce learning over time by strengthening neural connections and allowing the formation of new associations.

Soon afterward, Silver encountered Sonic and attacked him. Sonic initially had the upper hand, but Silver used his psychokinesis to take Sonic by surprise and throw him into a wall, incapacitating him. Silver wondered if Mephiles was joking, wondering how someone as weak as Sonic could possibly be the Iblis Trigger. Sonic attempted to run after Silver when Dr. Eggman captured Elise again, but Silver stopped him in his tracks and was about to deliver the final blow when Amy intervened, allowing Sonic to escape. Silver told Amy the world would be devastated due to Sonic's actions, but Amy refused to believe Sonic would do such a thing, then she left Silver in a huff. Disheartened, Silver went off to ponder whether killing Sonic to save the future was truly the right thing to do.

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We learn later in the movie that humans left Earth in 2105 after it became too toxic to live there, which means that even if it isn't Andy's Rex, the toy is still at least 700 years old. And since the toys in Pixar films are sentient, feeling creatures, this mean this immortal doll has watched the Earth die for centuries, along with everything he holds dear. Every other toy he knows is gone -- either buried beneath the immense piles of garbage, or incinerated/smashed into a cube during the clean-up. Rex has seen Andy, Andy's mom, and Andy's sister either leave or die, and the Earth slowly become an unlivable wasteland. We don't know what percentage of humanity was able to fit on the luxury cruisers we see traveling through space, but it's safe to assume it wasn't 100 percent. This doll has seen humankind's most brutal and vicious war: the war for a place in the universe. And the losers were left on Earth, to choke out and die in the garbage mountains. All while Rex watched, and presumably went slowly mad.

10 Best Albums of 2014

1. Swans-To Be Kind
2. Strand of Oaks-Heal
3. King Tuff-Black Moon Spell
4. Sharon Van Etten-Are We There
5. Future Islands-Singles
6. Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial **** off Get Free We Bring Light to Everything
7. Schoolboy Q-Oxymoron
8. The War on Drugs-Lost in a Dream
9. Weatherbox-Flies in All Directions
10. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib-Pinata

Sonic Dream Collective Sonic Dream LoveSonic Dream Collective Sonic Dream LoveSonic Dream Collective Sonic Dream LoveSonic Dream Collective Sonic Dream Love