Valentino kanzyani house soul

On SWAY 29, there is a song called “Look What I Did 1985”, and it’s exactly what it is. I’ve created electronic music since 1984 when I was 11-12 years old.
When I went thru my library, I found some bits and pieces and I thought it could be fun to share them for the first time. This was created with a Roland TR-606 and recorded on to a cassette-recorder. This story will continue…

Present-day Slovenia has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and there is evidence of human habitation from around 250,000 years ago. [citation needed] A pierced ...

In the mid-8th century, Carantania became a vassal duchy under the rule of the Bavarians , who began spreading Christianity . Three decades later, the Carantanians were incorporated, together with the Bavarians, into the Carolingian Empire . During the same period Carniola , too, came under the Franks, and was Christianised from Aquileia . Following the anti-Frankish rebellion of Liudewit at the beginning of the 9th century, the Franks removed the Carantanian princes, replacing them with their own border dukes. Consequently, the Frankish feudal system reached the Slovene territory.

In 2016 Umek co-founded a new music start-up company Viberate , [15] which analyzes DJs and ranks them by their popularity and which already moved from his home city of Ljubljana to Silicon Valley . During 2016 Umek teamed up once again with Toolroom Records and released his first ever music production course, [16] titled " Techno Masterclass with UMEK ", featuring 5,5 hours of quality music production tips and tricks.

Valentino Kanzyani House SoulValentino Kanzyani House SoulValentino Kanzyani House SoulValentino Kanzyani House Soul